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fic_xchange's Journal

The Fanfiction Exchange Challenge
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Get that fanfic you've been hankering to read for...um...prezzies.
Come one and come all! Ever had a horrible hankering for a fanfic that doesn't exist, or an idea that you wanted to write, but were either too strapped for time, had no confidence in your ability to write it, were already writing too many, or just too lazy to do it? Have no worries, then! This community is a place where you can request someone else to do it for you!

Rules for Requesting:
1. Just because our interest list might not have your fandom of choice listed, doesn't mean you can't request a fanfic from it!
2. Please be courteous and thank the person who decides to take you up on your request. A simple token like an icon, fanart, maybe a link to a fanfic you yourself wrote, or a banner or something of the sort lj-related to show your appreciation for their time, as fanfics can take a lot of time and thinking ^^
3. You can request as many times as you have the urge. Just try to remember rule #2 when you do.
4. If you want something that is specifically of the over PG-13 rating, make sure you specify that ^^;
5. Remember to be patient with whoever it is that fulfills your request; they're doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, so be nice ^^

Rules for Fulfilling Requests:
1. Just to get it out of the way--YOU ARE AWESOME. Okay, that wasn't a rule, but I felt that it needs to be said anyways XD
2. When you do write fanfic for someone else, make sure that you make the fanfic accessible to them by either posting it in this comm, or giving them a link to wherever it is that you post your fanfic. See rules for fanfics rated R or higher
3. When you write fanfic that is of a rating higher than PG-13 (like R or NC-17), please remember to friends-lock your post on this comm. Livejournal might eat us if you don't. R and NC-17 posts must be made on this journal; it might be troublesome for the person who wants to read your fic to have to friend you, or join the comm that you posted it to if they want to read it. Of course, if they're already a member of the comm that you post it to, then that's moot point XD
4. If you start out writing it and find that you have no time, it's OKAY. Just be sure that you inform the person who requested it in a civil manner ^^

Rules for ALL:
1. No dissing other people's fandoms
2. No dissing other people's fanfics
3. No dissing other people's pairings
4. No dissing other people
5. No flaming. Really. It's not nice.
6. Remember to have fun!

Other warnings:
This comm is slash-friendly; if you are uncomfortable with malexmale or femalexfemale relations fanfiction, just pass by the slash-friendly posts and pay them no mind. Het and Gen fanfiction is welcome as well, so don't be afraid--I am not a slashnazi ^^

If there are any problems that arise due to you not getting along with someone else, someone else not getting along with you, or other kinds of problems, please consider it carefully before you contact any of the mods; we are people who like to read fanfiction as much as you do, and we have lives beyond the internet (omg, say it ain't so!!!). However, if it is a really serious problem, don't be afraid to tell us about it--we'll see what we can do.


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