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10 March 2008 @ 03:31 pm
AU Angel!fic  
Ok, I have this idea for a fic and I really want someone to write this cos frankly my ficcing abilities are close to nil :) The story is set in Heaven...yes, wow~

 There are two groups of Angels involved. One group guards the doors to the throne room and the other the main doors of the Citadel. Yunho and Junsu are in one group and Jae and Yoochun in the other. Summary: The two groups always fight and end up never doing their duties so God orders Dominion Changmin to bind the Angels together for an indeterminable amount of time. If anyone bites this I'll give you a full plot thingie ok? I'd like a Yunchun/Jaesu cos well...Jaesu are the voices of reason in Yunchun's turbulent relationship :DD

If you go to wikipedia, you'll see a whole lot of stuff on Angels and their Heriarchy...prz to ignore :| all besides the Dominion one XD

I'd love a long chapter fic but it's up to you~ And I don't mind being the beta XDD