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07 November 2007 @ 06:25 pm
This is called: Fic Bribe  
Mod if this is not allowed I'm sorry, feel free to delete. 

I have put up this plunnie a couple of months ago, but alas there seem to be no take. So now I have to resort to bribing.

Now if your asking yourself, " Why don't write this yourself?" The reason is well... because I want to read it and not write it, so for the sake of everything Jaeho, Kangtuek and other pairing that I don't feel like naming at this time.....Let me read it.   

Now for the bribe: I will write two one shots for you upon completion, depending on how long it is I can be persuaded to write more.(check out my livejournal for a sample of my writing.)  

Now if your still interested please click the button that says read more

I changed this pluunie a little bit so if you read it before it kinda different.

Pairing: Jaeho Kangteuk

 I was on youtube looking at some funny jaejoong video's when a line from a jaeho fic came to mind it was 'jaejoong a five year old trapped in a 21 year old body and I was like so true and than an idea came to life:

1. Wht if Jaejoong had amnesia and he could only remember up till the time he was five.
Q. how did he get amnesia?
A. Someone was jealous of jaejoong and yunho close bond since they are going out and makes something fall on his head.

2. It has to happen in public so everyone knows about it maybe doing something with smtown.

Q. Who/why?
A. I was thinking se7en so yunho can show his possesive side and super junior so Eeteuk can be sort of motherly. A female of your choosing to be the bad guy.

3. I also want them all to go away somewhere so jaejoong can heal

Anything else....
If it's possible I want jaejoong to run them ragged.
oh i want Jaejoong to think of changmin and sungmin as playmates

To the person who takes this thanks in advance

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